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By Craig Olson

Defeating Weekly video


Living a full life in spite of struggles

Illness and cancer affect us all in one way or another. Being the spouse of someone who is fighting an illness such as cancer is extremely challenging, but you can still live with the right mindset. Defeating the Unbeatable is within reach, God is waiting for you. Craig provides honest thoughts about going through the severe challenges of those fighting and those trying to caretake. While providing suggestions to help people be more successful and live more during their battles.

"Are you withstanding the unbeatable by just getting by, or are you defeating the unbeatable and thriving?"


Craig, Tasha, Camdynn (left), Michael (right)


Craig, Rachael, Camdynn (left), Michael (right)


An amazing personal journey around the bases of suffering and triumph. The author provides inspired Christ-centered guidance and perspectives while connecting the dots of truly living through some of the most painful trials and seasons of life.                   

Kevin Walker - PharmD

It brought me great peace today on the Sabbath. I felt the Spirit testifying many things to me as I read it. I know Craig is a disciple of Christ who is in a position to teach and help others both through writing and words/interactions.

Jason Meck - Rep

"I remember Christmas morning 2017 vividly. It was the 'ding' of a text message that woke me and I turned to read it; Craig had texted me that Rachael had gone to be in the presence of God. I was privileged as one of the pastors at the church where Craig and Rachael walked out the final years of Rachael's life. What a journey. Reading this book took me back through many memories. As you read this book you're not reading theories about how to live through challenging times. You're reading an account of someone who has in fact played it out firsthand. He and Rachael were an inspiration to our church community and many others as they played it out. I hope this book will be an inspiration to you, wherever you might find yourself in the game."


John J. Roberts, Lead Pastor, Moses Lake Christian Church

If you would like to purchase a signed copy or multiple signed copies please click on the link to submit your order. After you have completed the order form I will send you a message with regards to payment.  If you prefer to pay by cash please complete either the contact form or the order form. Then send your cash to the address listed. Once payment is received your order will be prepared and shipped. An e-mail will be sent once your order is shipped.

Books are $10 if not shipping. If you need shipping please pay $11 per book to pay for shipping.




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